Summers Academy of Dance is a triple track studio offering 3 different programs of dance to choose from.

  • Berkshire Ballet Theatre – pre-professional dance company
  • Summers Dance Crews – competition team
  • Open Division – 18month – Adult

Please read below to find more information on our programming


(pre-professional dance company)

The Berkshire Ballet Theatre is a pre-professional training program for the more serious dancer ages 5-20 years old. This program consists of a curriculum based syllabus built to challenge the dancers in a graduated program building both proper dance technique and a full understanding of how to use the body in executing in multiple dance genres.
Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Body Conditioning, Progressing Ballet Technique and for the older dancers Pointe work, Variations and Pas de Deux classes with gentlemen from the Milwaukee Ballet Company twice a month, are all studied throughout the year. During our summer intensive, we increase each level’s training to include one or more of the following classes: Acting, Musical Theatre, Dance History, and several workshops with professional dance artists from around the world delving deeper in the many other dance styles including Modern and Hip Hop.


(competition teams)

Summers Dance Crews (SDC) program is an opportunity for dancers ages 5-14, and a SDC Senior team for those ladies in high school. Each team works together with professional caliber choreographers to develop and compete dances in a wide variety of genres including ballet, hip hop, jazz, contemporary, musical theatre, tap and lyrical styles. SDC competes at 2 competitions and 2 competition/conventions each year in the Chicagoland area. 

Some of the goals for this program include developing a strong sense of unity,  camaraderie, and competitive spirit as a team, while providing technical development and mentorship  on a individual level helping each team member grow to become the best dancer/competitor he or she can be.

By joining SDC, each student is committing to a year round program starting in our summer intensive in June and culminating at our all studio recital at the Raue Center for the Arts. Auditions for SDC take place in the late spring each year.  The summer schedule includes choreography, technique, leaps & turns, and rotational classes featuring jazz, ballet and hip hop.  In the fall, dancers continue their training with their team specific choreography class and additional technique classes.  Each team will compete a minimum of two dances at each competition during the season.  Dancers can choose to perform in additional specialty pieces based on their interests and abilities. All members can compete in a duo/trio or a solo performance.


(18 months – Adult)

Open Division is the third track in our programming at Summers Academy of Dance. This program is filled with classes for students ranging in age from 18 months – Adult with multiple time slots to help fit everyone busy schedules.  This program is for the beginner, intermediate or advanced dancer that is not looking for a multiple class per week commitment, but for the once or twice a week (or really as many as you would like) class participation. Our classes offered in this program consist of:

TODDLER CLASSES – For our youngest Starrs!

  • STARR IS BORN – Ages 18 months to 3 years:  This 45 minute class will help your child learn to focus, follow instructions, socialize with others and increase their attention span.

ROTATIONAL CLASSES – Expose your dancer to 3 different forms of dance, focusing on one dance style each week.  Ballet, Tap, and Jazz are rotated weekly so the students received a full class in one genre while still taking three different styles of dance throughout the year. W/ Tumbling – Our popular Rising Starr and Fusion 1 & 2 classes are also offered with a tumbling option.  This extended time class allows students to learn tumbling in addition to Ballet, Tap, and Jazz on a weekly basis.

  • RISING STARR – Ages 3-5 years. A 45 minute class to include warm-ups and instructional steps combined with children’s songs to reinforce what was taught.  Counting, learning “left” from “right”, and sequences/patterns in choreography are incorporated for a complete educational dance experience.
  • FUSION 1 & 2 – Ages 5-7 years:  This 55 minute class will teach proper warm ups, introduce technically correct beginning level dance steps incorporating children’s popular music to develop coordination, grace and confidence.  Learn to count music and perform in 3 dance styles!
  • FUSION 3 & 4 – Ages 7- 9 years:  This 55 minute class will introduce more advanced warm ups and steps, and work on combining counting and dance steps into accurately and technically correct choreography. Learn to dance and excel in 3 dance forms!
  • FUSION 5 & 6 Ages 9-11 years:  This 55 minute class will teach intermediate and advanced skills in all 3 genres with great smiles and solid stage presentation. Technical proficiency and transitions in movements will make your dancer glide across the stage.

EXTREME JAZZ & HIP HOP – Classes use jazz techniques for turns, alignment and choreography and combine it with fun and current hip hop moves and the latest styles to create a one of a kind class!  Your dancer will learn the best of both genres!

  • EX JAZZ & HIP HOP 1 & 2 – Ages 6 and up.  This 55 minute class is a great way to learn the basics of both Jazz Dance & Hip Hop skills.
  • EX JAZZ & HIP HOP 2 & 3 – Ages 8 and up.  This 55 minute class takes you to the next level of progressive movement.
  • EX JAZZ & HIP HOP 3 & 4 – Ages 12 and up.  A 55 minute class. Intermediate choreography is taught as a smooth combination to create mini music video combinations.

BOYS CLASS – taught by Marc Petrocci (Artistic Associate) Ages 6 – 13. This 55 minute class is a great introduction for any young gentlemen who is interested in dance or learning how to move their body in a coordinated fashion. Combining body conditioning exercises with basic ballet, jazz and contemporary movements. This class will get all of the gentlemen excited moving to music in a strong and confident manner developing the basic skills they will need to take dance into their future.

HIP HOP – Our Hip Hop taught by professional hip hop dancer Brandon Jackson, offer to bring your dancer the latest moves in a fun and energetic class great for boys or girls. Having previous dance experience is not required for this style.

  • HIP HOP INTERMEDIATE – Ages 11 – 13: A 1 hour class building on the foundations of hip hop dance including different styles and coordinated body movement.
  • HIP HOP ADVANCED – Ages 13 and Up:  A 1 hour class taking your dancer to the next level of hip hop movement, in a faster paced class working on body mechanics and dynamics through thrilling and exciting hip hop exercises and choreography.

Aerial Dance Photo #1

AERIAL DANCE –Explore dance in 3 dimensions, using silks to ascend and “fly” in new and creative bodily designs.

  • AERIAL DANCE 1– For the Beginner. A 1 hour class to include warm ups, Silk Work and conditioning.
  • AERIAL DANCE 2 – For the non-Beginner. A 1 hour class to include warm ups, Silk Work and conditioning.
  • AERIAL DANCE 3 – For our Advanced students.  A 1 hour class to perfect technique and acquire additional skill levels.

BALLET TECHNIQUE All Ballet Technique classes require formal dance attire.  Classes incorporate correct training, teaching correct ballet technique, vocabulary and body alignment.  A “must have” class to create grace, poise and confidence. Popular with ice skaters and gymnasts to develop performance technique.

  • BALLET TECHNIQUE CLASSES 1 & 2 Ages 5 & Up: A 1 hour and 1/4 class.
  • TEEN & ADULT BALLET & LYRICAL – Ages 16 and up. A 1 hour class. Learn technique, terminology and have fun while learning ballet.


  • CONTEMPORARY DANCE –A 1 hour class that teaches choreography encompassing a variety of concepts; athletic, emotional and modern.
  • LYRICAL 1, 2 or 3 – A 1 hour class where students will learn to perform a dance that interprets the lyrics of their favorite songs.


  • ADULT TAP – Ages 16 years and up: An hour and a half tap class of fundamentals, choreography and technique offered to those returning to dance or the beginning student who wants to learn the proper method & style in a relaxed adult atmosphere.
  • ADULT HIP HOP – Ages 16 years and up:  A 1 hour class combining fast paced movements with current songs for an upbeat, energizing class!
  • ADVANCED BALLET –  Ages 14 – Adult  for the adult advanced dancer looking to continue their study of the balletic technique in a once a week format.
**All levels are based on ability and/or prior dance training**


Ask about private lessons for your specific needs and goals!