Company Dance Uniform Portal


Below is the link to our all new ENGAGE gear through THE INK STOP printing Company. This website has been tailor made for Engage Dance Academy to easily order all our Engage Gear online! Thank you INK STOP!

We are thrilled to have our new jackets and dance bags! We will be requiring our Dance Theatre dancers to purchase a new garment bag (by March 2020), but we have not found the perfect one yet so we will get back to you once we have found the right bag to hold our costumes safely!

There are a lot of fun things to order so if you’d still like a t-shirt or water bottle, order today! This site is password protected. Please contact the desk for the password, as only Engage Dance Theatre Dancers can order our exclusive line of gear!




The company we are working with is the world-class leotard company, Mirella, which is owned by Bloch. The Mirella leotards are the choice of almost every professional school worldwide to provide them with their in-house studio uniform. Summers Academy of Dance agrees with those schools and have chosen to wear these beautiful classic leotards, which will also not break the bank when purchasing one or more of the several styles we have chosen for our dancers to wear.

The leotard colors are:

Level 2: Buttercup Yellow

Level 3: Sea Foam Green

Level 4 (Int 1): Royal blue

Level 5 (Int 2): Burgundy

Trainee & Trainee II: Navy Blue

  • Are there sample sizes for my student to try on?

YES! We have ordered sample sizes in one style that will be kept behind the desk for the students to try on to determine what their size is. We will always have these leotards onsite for you to make the best decision possible to avoid returns.

The sizes we have are:

Child sizes: 2-4, 4-6, 6X-7, 8-10, 12 and 14

Adult sizes: P, S, M and L

  • Ordering…

Please follow these simple steps (and as always please contact our front desk if you have any problems).

  • Click on the ‘Dance’ link in the bottom left corner of their home page

  • Click on the ‘Quick Code’ link in the top right corner of the page
  • Enter our studio code into the box, our special studio code is (this is case specific so please remember to use all capital letters): (please see our front desk for our code) then click ‘View Catalogue’.
  • Select your dancer’s level to view leotard options and have fun shopping!

  • Can I buy these leotards anywhere else?

Yes you can, while you may find similar leotards on other sites we have a specific contract with Bloch to guarantee the exact color is used for each levels assigned color to ensure all of our leotards match. If you order from another distributor you are not guaranteed this specific consideration and we may have to ask you to reorder another leotard from our site. We kindly ask you to keep in mind the purpose of a studio uniform is ‘uniformity’ both in color and in style and to help aid the teachers. Ms Courtney has spent countless hours speaking directly with Bloch/Mirella in negotiating this guaranteed contract for our studios specific colors to be available to us in more than one style to accommodate all body types and a variety of personal preferences. With that no other styles are allowed whether it be from Mirella or another company that happens to have the same color.

  • Will the proceeds of these leotards give back to the studio and students in any capacity?

Yes! A small portion of each sale goes back to the studio to further help us to with programming development, maintenance costs for our state of the art dance studios and costume upkeep for our Nutcracker and other performance costumes. 

  • I see there are matching color skirts for each level…are the skirts to be a mandatory purchase as well?

We have included matching color chiffon skirts for each level as an option for students to wear for Pointe, Variations, Partnering, Repertoire classes and rehearsals. This is NOT mandatory but an option for each individual student (the ability to wear these skirts will of course be left up to the teacher for each individual class depending on what the class is structured for).